Review: Roadwork by Richard Bachman

Roadwork by Richard Bachman (Stephen King’s pseudonym)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If I hadn’t known who the author of this is and his reputation (which you know, is largely the point of a pseudonym), I wouldn’t have kept reading this book past the first couple of chapters.

As it stands, it is a hard book to rate as it’s difficult to second guess what the author’s trying to achieve. To me, it felt like a book about how something inconsequential to someone else could have the potential to utterly unhinge another person’s life and how fragile our grasp on ‘normal’ really is once parts of our identity start to crumble.

It was interesting, unsettling and thought-provoking but I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone as it’s more of a social commentary or a take on the fragility of mental illnesses than it is a suspense or thriller book. I reckon it could’ve been much better if it was written entirely in this way too as the more theatrical elements of the plot stuck out like a sore thumb and made a poignant story into a somewhat silly one. Fortunately, this didn’t overshadow the whole book as it would’ve been unreadable.

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